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Geoffrey Fraser

Sound Designer / Audio Engineer

Full Sail University Alumni, Geoffrey "G.Scott" Fraser, has an uncanny ability to hone in on, and showcase the "special something" in audio production. Before attending Full Sail, G.Scott was in several bands and started recording and mixing in 1998. After two decades in the United States Air Force, Geoff was able to retire and continue on with his passion form recording. He chose Full Sail University because of their prestigious background of education and how FSU alumni are nominated for Oscar, Grammy, and other awards yearly. Within the years spent at Full Sail, Geoff has now gained great knowledge and has learned advanced mixing techniques to help better the quality of music and sounds for streaming services. With over 20 years of experience working on music/production, G.Scott is currently working recording music, producing music, mixing and mastering music, podcasts and sound design.




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369 Sound Design/ Studio 369 · 369 Productions Bands Play list 2021
Livingston Picard & The Red Shirts · Livingston Picard & The Red Shirts-No Rain
Studio 369 · The Black Crown-Flames
Studio 369 · "Dust In The Wind" ( Kansas Cover) Instrumental by G.S. Fraser
Studio 369 · Devil Pill-Mourn

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